Thursday, 10 October 2013

Red October

Wiehan Botes

When I started this blog I was angry. I was BEFOK. A 5 month old baby was just strangled in Delmas and when whites came together and protested about the violence against whites, the whole establishment callled them racist. The DA even jumped on the band wagon.

Afrikaner babies slaughtered in South African genocidelabelled racist white genocide blacks africansApparently, it's racist to protest when a 5-month old baby gets strangled for a cell phone by a black who obviously hates white people.

We should be concerned about all crime in South Africa, not just crimes against the minority of whites.

Why can we not voice our concerns when our babies are strangled? Why the fuck is that racist?

If a white man kills a black person in South Africa, they come out in their numbers to protest against the racist whites. Remember the white boy who went nuts in a squatter camp in Swartruggens a while ago? Media outcries the world over.

And who can ever forget the famous picture of Hector Pieterson, which we'll see until the end of time? It's the double standards that make me so angry. You won't ever have seen this picture of Wiehan again.

But this picture, my dear friends - this picture made front pages all over the world.

I'm sure the photographer also still lives off the royalties, because he won endless awards for capturing the true 'crime against humanity' that Apartheid was.

Helen & Alice Lotter

Mrs Helen Lotter, 57, and her bedridden mother Alice, 76.  Tortured to death with broken beer bottles in their anuses and vaginas – the attack had been so horrendous that the post-mortem examiner was unable to find any of Helen Lotter’s sexual organs at all; her breasts were partially cut off and broken bottle-shards were inserted in her vagina and anus as part of the hours of torture she and her mother Alice had endured –her cervix and uterus were completely shredded.

The mother’s front teeth were bashed out; her entire body was ‘covered in bruises, chafing and stabbing wounds. Her sexual parts were mutilated extensively also internally.  The old farm woman had died due to ‘asphyxiation after breathing in blood from penetrating stabbing wounds in her neck and throat’.  They were then both left to die.

Mrs Helen Lotter’s death-bed confession identified the killers as a gardener, Joseph Hlongwane, 22 who had only started working for them a few months earlier, and an associate Joseph Khumalo, 21.  The forensic DNA and fingerprint evidence confirmed Helen Lotter’s death-bed confession. “Kill the Boer” had been daubed in the women’s blood on the farmhouse walls.

And what happened when white people took to the streets in the town where the court procedings took place?

ANC mayor, Mrs Mataba Leeto led an anti-Boer protest at the law court where the trial was held.  They chanted genocidal hate-speech songs such as ‘Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer’ in support of the two killers’ getting bail.  Mrs Leeto has not been put on public record as expressing any kind of sympathy nor outrage over the way the two Lotter women had been tortured to death.   Instead, she led a group which was protesting against the ‘racism’ of local Afrikaner residents who had held a ‘re-enactment’ of the way in which the women were tortured to death to illustrate the community’s deep anger. Both men were found guilty and sent to prison.

Red October

So, today, white South Africans and whites all over the world, who can see what is happening here took to the streets peacefully and tried to bring the white genocide in the making to the world's attention.

And what response do we get? Can anyone guess? The card they always pull? C'mon...
We're racists. The lot of us. We're stupid, we're backward, Apartheid sympathizers. Crime knows no color in South Africa. We all suffer, not just you...


I've said this many, many times before: There is a difference between one drunk black guy killing another drunk black guy with a knife in a shebeen because the guy stole his beer and RAPING, TORTURING AND DISEMBOWLING A FARMER'S FAMILY without stealing anything.


The Press and Social Media

What pissed me off most about today is how the media ridiculed the Red October marchers.

Beeld, which is supposed to be an Afrikaans news paper had NOTHING on their website about the marches. Probably shit scared to be called racist.

Ironic that there are two articles about black on white murders on the frontpage, though. One of a farmer's wife murdered yesterday. BUT THERE'S NO FUCKING PROBLEM. We're just racists.

Eye witness news, which we all know is a puppet of the DA had the following to say:

They went on to post only tweets that OPPOSED the march:

News 24 published the following:

I won't even bother posting the comments. I need to calm down first. Most accuse the marchers of being 'racist', having 'Apartheid nostalgia', being 'insane'.

A lot of them also tell whites to just get out of the country if it's so bad.

I tell you what, just go the Idi Amin route, I beg you. Give us 2 weeks to get out of the country, so we can get asylum in a country that doesn't openly accuse whites of being murderers and rapists and thieves, sing songs that incite white genocide and brush aside concerns that our commercial farmers are being exterminated.

To the South African media: A NICE BIG FUCK YOU. I'm sure all of you live in nice triple secured complexes with video camera's electric fences and security gaurds.
I know you won't, but maybe one day you'll sit and eat a Woolies muffin and wonder where the wheat and other shit inside that muffin comes from. Maybe you'll realize that the price of your Woolies muffin has strangely gone up by about 500%.
Maybe, you'll stop to consider why. Maybe, you'll realize that South Africa now imports more food than it ever has in its history. Maybe you'll realize that there are no more white farmers left in South Africa.

But the conglomerate Naspers, which you all bow to, a product of the Broederbond, is luckily busy diversifying and buying up every sencond business overseas, so when the Woolies muffins get too expensive, you'll get a job overseas and forget all about the slaughtered farmers.

But, hey, for now, we'll worry more about the Rhino's. Strangely the majority WHITE RHINO'S.


  1. Are you blind, the reason why there are no white cashiers, bank tellers etc is bec the jobs are being given to the blacks. And even in managerial positions jobs are given to the blacks and nowadays black females. I work in the government sector and Ive been on interview panels, even if the white, or indian person gets the highest score or is the most qualified or even a black male, the position goes to the black female! The white people are not getting the jobs. Apartheid was wrong and so is BEE, full stop. Just like black people are living in poverty so are white people. We are all suffering and it is bec of our ANC leaders.

  2. Brilliantly said, I love this website. It is not racist at all, its just stating the facts.

  3. Hippie crit kg you should smarten up