ANC's black on black killing spree


The number of blacks that were killed by the Apartheid government is generally inflated by the ruling ANC and the Main Stream Media. When the ANC was spreading propaganda around the world during their "struggle", they rarely backed their claims up with facts, as one would imagine.

To this day you will hear the uninformed talk about "massacres of black people under Apartheid" as if the government randomly lined them up, shot them and dumped them in mass graves.

Statistics are inherently unreliable. As the British politician, Benjamin Disraeli famously said: "There are three types of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

The Truth And Reconciliation Commission in South Africa released statistics of all the politically motivated murders in South Africa during Apartheid, which lasted from 1948 through to 1994. The statistics speak for themselves:

Politically Motivated Murders in South Africa from 1948 to 1994:


Blacks Murdered by Blacks: 


21000 people were killed in political violence during the 46 years leading up to the elections in April 1994.

14000 of these 21000 people were killed from 1990 to 1994

In the same period, 8580 black South Africans were killed by other blacks South Africans.

Another 4902 were killed by unknown forces, but it is generally assumed that these killings were black on black politically motivated murders. (necklace murders)

The ANC was responsible for mobilising black South Africans to murder other blacks who they thought were working with the Apartheid government. See YouTube video below:

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 YouTube Video of Winnie Mandela Condoning Necklace Murders
(Not for sensitive viewers)


Blacks Murdered by Whites:


The 7000 remaining deaths are generally attributed to the Apartheid government and includes the SANDF and security forces. A lot of these deaths were in South West Africa during the Angolan war. This number includes a massacre by the SANDF in 1978 in Kassinga where they killed 600 SWAPO refugees. It has to be noted that the Angolan War was fought with the undercover help of Western Nations in order to stop the Communists from taking over Southern Africa. These deaths also include white people who were killed by the ANC's terrorist military wings.

In the period from 1990 to 1994, 518 people were killed by the National Party's security forces.

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In Summary:


The Apartheid government killed something like 7518 black people during the 46 years of Apartheid. Thus white on black.

The liberation movements were responsible for 13482 politically motivated killings. Thus black on black.


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