All Posts On The Truth About South Africa

I have written 86 articles on this blog, but most people only read one or two posts, so I decided to make it easier for readers to get to the older posts:

Events do not unfold in isolation

Mandela is dead

Farm attacks are normal...

ZimBOBwe, here we come...

The Gospel According To The ANC

Apartheid's bad, mmkay...

Media Bias Ain't A New Thing

Africans Unite... Europeans on the other hand...

Farm murders and black on white attacks

Dear Juliass...

Red October

Go on, keep voting for the ANC

Maggot Lady from Ghana

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...or maybe worse

Pretoria's name - ANC's ignorance

The Zimbabwean Formula For Success

Two sides to every story

White Genocide? Surely not...

Nova Europa

Saint Mandela's on the way out...

Cry, the be-blooded country...

Chirldren's Home Too White For Donations

Culturalist vs Racist

It's a f*ckup 2... BEE utiful

Stolen Land... and other nonsense

Charlize Theron?
Black Panthers coming to SA...

Winnie, the Witch

Mido Macia

White and proud

The crime against humanity - part 2013

The world is waking up

Jared Taylor

David Duke

Where was the outcry when…?

Saint Nelson Mandela

The REAL issues in South Africa

The descent to chaos

Into the Cannibal's Pot

When the tenders dry up...

The legacy of Apartheid...


The other side of the coin

The aim of this blog

Dutch Parliament Hears Afrikaner Plight

Farm murders getting more sadistic

More Violent Protests Expected On WC Farms

74 Year Old Brutally Murdered For Cell Phone

British Engineer Hacked To Death In SA

The Western Cape is burning...

Robben Island vs Camp Quatro

Hate Speech...

Prosperity Index 2012 - UHM!!!

Census Results 2011 South Africa

Our Leader....

Gold Fields and the BEE Deal

2 Children Murdered In South Africa Every Day

SA Service Delivery Exceptional - Zuma

South Africa back to Stage 6 on Genocide Watch

African History...African History...African History...

Zapiro, we salute you...

Africans rape women because of... You guessed it

Second Transition - Or theft?

Just don't insult the BIG MAN

10/10 for not blaming Apartheid, but really?

Farmer (77) shot dead in his bed

I am an Afrikaner

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