Protest Capital of the World

The increasing rate of violent protests in South Africa is a "ring of fire closing in on major cities that could result in a Tunisia style revolution" according to Zwelinzima Vavi, COSATU Secretary General.

The ANC government is not delivering on their promises. The majority of black South Africans still live in abject poverty while the fat cat Black Economic Empowerment ANC buddies live in mansions and drive expensive cars.

violent protests in south africajulius malema lives in poverty

malema the idiotprotests in south africa poverty
 Julius Malema, the ex-ANC Youth League President is the "spokesman of the poor".
He owns a mansion in Limpopo and another in Sandton

Julius Malema's main supporters are unemployed and uneducated blacks who live in squatter camps, mainly in the northern province of Limpopo. They look up to their leader, because he overcame the horrible system of Apartheid to become rich. I suppose the logic is that if they do what he says, they'll become wealthy like him. He created a new movement which is calling for Nationalisation of mines and banks. Because it worked so well in the rest of Africa, I suppose...

legacy of apartheid riots violenceviolence protest anger black south africa

rainbow nation anc poverty protestswhite genocide farm murders killing torture
 The majority of black South Africans still live in horrible conditions 18 years 
after the ANC took over the country and promised better lives for all.

But the people still vote for the ANC, because they obviously don't know what the "democracy" that they "struggled" so hard for actually means.

It makes no sense to me. With every election, the rates of violent protests increase. But instead of voting for a different political party, the protesters just don't vote.

And come election time, the ANC goes around these same townships, telling the people that their failure to deliver on the previous election's promises is due to the "legacy of Apartheid".

We have become so accustomed to these protests that nobody even bats an eye lid. A week ago, protesters in the Eastern Cape grabbed two European tourists out of their cars. This morning, (13 June 2012), there were 3 violent protests underway in Gauteng where protesters threw stones at passing cars.

In South Africa, when your train is late, you burn the train. Then your train is REALLY late. No logic. When they don't get the "service delivery" they expect, they torch and loot the local municipal buildings. Then service delivery grinds to a halt. Oh, Africa!

violence mass crowds angry poor revolution in south africarevolution white genocide sa

violence murder white genocide farm killings south africaservice delivery protest statistics south africa
 The aftermath of violent protests in South Africa

On 19 June 2012, police minister, Nathi Mthetwa, provided statistics about "service protests" in South Africa in parliament. The number of protests were declining slightly, but the protests were getting more violent.

Since 2004, there have been 74784 "service delivery protests" in South Africa of which 6814 were violent to such an extent that police had to use tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons to subdue crowds.


So what is the solution for Africa? More money? More aid from Europe? Nationalization? Land Reform?


No one wants to say it. But I'll say it now. If you stop having children when you can't even afford to feed yourself, you will probably have a better life and ensure a better life for generations to come.

What's going to happen to white South Africans when the police can't contain these riots anymore? When ANC politicians and clowns like Malema go around singing songs about killing white people, shifting the blame onto us. When the revolution happens - and it will happen - the first people they will kill will be the people who put food in their mouths.

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