Sunday, 6 October 2013

Go on, keep voting for the ANC

Under Jacob 'showerhead' Zuma, we've slid from number 45 out of 134 countries to number 53 out of 148 countries on the Global Competitiveness index.

2008 Report
2013 Report

It doesn't sound too bad until you look at the 'individual pillars' of competitiveness.

2008 Report
2013 Report

The Good News:

It's not all doom and gloom. But the good news is not BECAUSE of the ANC, but DESPITE the ANC. Our financial institutions are world class. In fact the banks that 'ol Juliass' EFFIES want to nationalize, managed to go up to the 3rd place. YES, our banks are the 3rd best in the world, people.

We also rank 1st out of 148 countries for the following:

  • Strength of auditing and reporting standards 
  • Efficacy of corporate boards 
  • Protection of minority shareholders’ interests 
  • Regulation of securities exchanges
  • Legal rights index

The Bad News:

The ANC  and their Unions have managed to fuck up things to the point where we now rank:

  • 141/148 for Business costs of crime and violence
  • 120/148 for Favoritism in decisions of government officials
  • 101/148 for Quality of electricity supply
  • 144/148 for HIV prevalence
  • 146/148 for Quality of the educational system
  • 148/148 for Quality of math and science education

And we can thank the unions for the whopping results in the labour market:
  • 142/148 for Pay and productivity
  • 144/148 for Flexibility of wage determination
  • 147/148 for Hiring and firing practices
  • 148/148 for Cooperation in labor-employer relations
If we consider the fact that the quality of our Math and Science education is now the WORST IN THE WORLD, the guys in the Unions will probably think that 148/148 is pretty good. After all it is 100%.

When the Unions in Marikana started all the shit, they also couldn't grasp the idea that if they kept striking for months on end, the mines they work for, which were already struggling with high production costs and low platinum prices, would end up firing loads of them.

Now they're striking because the mines are going to retrench thousands of their workers.

BAM! More lay-offs next year.

But what do you expect from a bunch of idiots who believe that smearing themselves with Muti from the local witch doctor will make them 'bullet proof'?

Once again, the ANC's policy of 'liberation before education' has paid off.

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