Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Maggot Lady from Ghana

Most right wing blogs moderate their comments to only show one side of the story. I find it interesting to allow comments by idiots who prove my point by trying to disagree.

Many of you got replies by a woman called fudgeicecream. I traced 'her' IP address to Accra, Ghana. Her email address is: trumpsconsult@gmail.com.

She seems to have a strange obsession with maggots. Which reminded me of a recent article I read on News24 about a kid who was found on his grandfather's corpse, eating the maggots in Atteridgeville. 

It's funny how people who know nothing about a subject can be so adamant that their view is right. I tend to follow Socrates' quote: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Which I'd say is the common denominator running through the inventive and inquisitive of the world. If you can't back something up with facts, then it's an opinion.

Although some of my writing on this blog can be backed up by facts, a lot of it is just my opinion and I state that whenever I can't really back it up.

I deal with loads of black people every day. And 90% of them are nice, decent people. Some of them are dickheads. I deal with a lot of white people every day. Some of them are dickheads, some of them are nice.
Same goes for Muslims, Indians, Coloureds, Pinks, Yellows, Cats, Dogs, Bacteria....

We generalize in statistics. Insurance companies generalize. Banks generalize. And a very weak part of humans also generalizes when it comes to race, religion etc. It's hard not to.

But governments should NOT generalize. They should not discriminate. According to the South African constitution anyway. Which is by the way not something that was magically shat out by Saint Mandela. It was drawn up by whites and blacks.

The article on my blog about white genocide gets the most views and most of the comments below come from that article. The article is about black on white murders that are inspired by race-based hate. The hate that is manufactured by the ANC in order to stay in power.

Hate will eat you up from the inside. Much like a maggot.

So, dear fudgeicecream, I've blacklisted you because you're clogging my inbox with your drivel. If, in your small mind, you equate every white person in South Africa with a maggot, I do pity you.

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  1. It has been my experience that people that exhibit that much animosity towards anyone person, tend to see themselves in there somewhere and it is plain to see that they have a deep rooted hatred for themselves. I live in Chicago Il. and had no idea that was going on in SA. All we get is the candy.