Thursday, 17 October 2013

Farm murders and black on white attacks - October 2013

These are just the murders and attacks on White South Africans that I found on Beeld's news page for the last 3-4 weeks.

Strange that Beeld completely disregarded the Red October campaign, but they probably know how many racially motivated hate crimes and murders take place every day. I'm sure they don't publish even half of the stories.

For a more accurate account of black on white murders, please visit:

Or for a list of black on white murders from Jan - Oct 2013 compiled by Adriana Stuijt, please visit:

The number of whites murdered in HATE CRIMES from the beginning of the year is 138. These are not farm attacks, but MURDERS.

So, I'll pick up where she left off:

The last month (reported on

17 October 2013
60-year old murdered in townhouse, Bloemfontein, throat slit, nothing stolen.

16 October 2013
David (87) en Ralie de Villiers (86) murdered on farm in Barkly-East, Eastern Cape, throats slit, nothing stolen. Their son is fighting for his life after his throat was slit half way.

15 October 2013
Frans van der Schyff (76) and his wife Hennie (73) murdered on their farm close to Klerksdorp, head injuries.

13 October 2013
Gert de Beer (82) beaten to death on his farm close to Witrivier. TV and cell phones stolen.

11 October 2013
Deon Bezuidenhout (68) murdered in his house in Garsfontein, some items stolen.

10 October 2013
Prof. Daan Wybenga (69) tortured and murdered on his farm in Clarens. Tortured with boiling water, beaten over the head and smothered with plastic bag. Car and cell phone stolen.

7 October 2013
Danie and Maud Human attacked on small holding. Trainee burglar cries and tells couple he doesn't want to do this. One of the 7 men hit the 5 year old boy in the back and said: “F***ng white cry babies.” Maud repeatedly hit between legs. Luckily no one was murdered.

7 October 2013
Heavily pregnant woman (32) and her business colleague (23) raped in guest house in Hazyview. Items stolen.

5 October 2013
Almarie Marais (23) beaten by random pedestrian in township while riding her scooter, eye bursts.

4 October 2013
Paul Mason (63) shot dead on his farm close to Sabie. Laptops, cell phones and cash stolen.

27 September 2013
Hans Jonker (in his 50's) shot dead in his house in Brakpan. Cell phone and broken DVD player stolen.

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