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Africans Unite... Europeans on the other hand...

You gotta admit that blacks in South Africa have one thing we should all learn from. They UNITE. They've got this strange almost mystical ability to sing and dance in unison. I always wonder how they know the words to all the songs. It's like watching a musical sometimes. And they all CAN SING.

Just go to an African funeral. And yes, I've been to a few...


Diepsloot Murders:

This Tuesday, the 15th of October, two toddlers were found murdered in a toilet cubicle in Diepsloot.

The naked bodies of two-year-old Yonelisa Mali and her cousin Zandile Mali, 3, were found in a public toilet cubicle in Diepsloot at 5am on Tuesday. This is, of course, tragic. But I'd just like to give my opinion about this as well. Seeing as I'm allowed one.

My Opinion:

I have a 3 year old son. We NEVER leave him on his own. If he's playing outside in the yard and we don't hear his voice for a second, we go out and call him. He's not allowed to go outside our yard and he knows this. He goes to a pre-primary school while we're working. 

Now, I can hear the comments already... But the residents of Diepsloot are poor, they can't afford day care. There's also more than 50% unemployment in Diepsloot, so chances are very good that at least one of the parents don't work.

Our neighbours have a 5 year old girl. They are black. No problems there. She comes over to play with our son almost every day. She comes home from school (grade R) on a bus and walks alone all the way from the bus stop. She then has to wait at the gate of the security complex until someone else opens the gate when they arrive, because she doesn't have a remote for the gate.

Her elderly grandmother and other siblings (much older) are supposed to look after her in the day when her parents are at work. Sometimes they are not at home when she comes home from school and she comes over to our house because she can't get into the house. Sometimes she's here for hours before she goes back home. Nobody ever comes over to our house to call her. We have to tell her to leave when we know they're home and when it's dinner time.

Neither of her parents have been to our house, although we've spoken to each other when we're outside. They know nothing about us. Yet, they let their daughter come over and stay as long as she wants. She does the same all over the complex.

This is the African way. I've heard a lot of people say the same thing. The 'community' is expected to raise their children. Well done. Maybe 500 years ago this was a great way to raise children.

So, as much as I feel bad for these 2 girls who were murdered, I also think that the parents should be held accountable as well.

How many times do you see small black children playing next to busy roads in townships, without any supervision?

Diepsloot Outrage:

On Tuesday, when residents found out about the murders, they went nuts. Granted, we're all outraged if 2 toddlers get raped and murdered.

Video of Diepsloot Riots

So, as I said the residents went nuts. Normal shit, they burnt tyres, looted foreign owned shops (even though the girls' parents are foreigners). Police had to bring them to order with rubber bullets. Nothing funny there.

Malema's EFF

The residents vowed that they would vote for Julius Malema's EFF party in the next elections. They complained about this and that and the other and the fact that the police should protect the children. (How can you expect the police to look after your children?) I'm sure Malema's police stations will all have day care centers right next to the holding cells.

ANC's Gauteng Premier

So next step... The Gauteng Premier, Nomvula Mokonyane, is wheeled into the township in her shiny Merc to address the angry residents. Desperately trying to cling on to votes, she accuses the EFF of trying to score political points from a tragedy.

His Excellency, Jacob Zuma

Even our esteemed president jumped on the bandwagon, taking valuable time off from satisfying his harem:

President Jacob Zuma said in a statement: “These gruesome incidents of extreme torture and murder of our children do not belong to the society that we are continuously striving to build together."

Mr Zuma condemned the murders and appealed to residents to work with the police to identify the perpetrators, rather than taking the law into their own hands.

“We condemn these murders in the strongest possible terms. Whilst we appeal to the communities not to take the matters into their hands, we also want to urge them to work with law enforcement authorities to find the perpetrators and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

The Conclusion:

The ANC probably got every detective in the country to look for the murderer and the police quickly offered a reward of R100 000.

On Friday, 4 or 5 guys were already arrested and taken into custody. If you want results in this country. BURN A FUCKING TYRE!!!

Angry residents gathered at the police station where the suspects were held and demanded that the police release one of the men SO THEY COULD BURN HIM.

The Diepsloot double murder was the first in a series of child killings which sparked national debate.

On Wednesday, the bodies of two young girls were found in a field in Zonkezizwe outside Katlehong on Gauteng’s East Rand. (it is now believed that the mother killed the children)

The next day, a one-year-old girl and her mother were hacked to death with an axe in Limpopo.

And today (Saturday) a new born baby (with its umbilical cord and name tag still attached) was found, wrapped in a plastic bag in a river in Diepsloot. His mother sent his father a text message to say that she dumped the baby. Police are looking for her.


David & Ralie de Villiers

On the same day, David (87) and Ralie de Villiers (86) were murdered on their farm in the Eastern Cape. It just took me about 30min to find the article on News24.

News24  - An elderly couple was killed and a relative injured on Broadlands Farm, near Elliot, on Wednesday, Eastern Cape police said.

The man and woman, both in their 80s, were stabbed several times, Captain Ursula Roelofse said.

Their daughter found them. A relative injured in the attack was taken to hospital.

"The motive of the murders is unknown at this stage and forms part of the investigation."

The attackers gained access to the farmhouse through a small window. Nothing was stolen and no arrests had been made.

This is all they got on News24. Two people, almost 90 years old have their throats slit in their own home and the above is what they get in the press.

And to make matters worse, they used a stock photo of a white hand with a knife, dripping with blood.

They've now changed the picture after a lot of people complained about it, including Steve Hofmeyr.

I found the stock photo they used on Shutterstock:

No protests, no burning tyres, no outcries, no rewards offered, no task forces established, no condemnation from the president, the premier, the police chief, no political parties involved. Nothing.

Just another elderly white couple murdered on a farm in South Africa.

At least Steve Hofmeyr had something to say about it:

And Beeld had more details about the murders:

I could go on and on and on... I just don't want to think about it too much, like most white South Africans. Ignorance is bliss. And if it weren't for 'racist' blogs like this, nobody would know about these people.

3 year Old Willemien Potgieter shot execution style:

5 month old Wiehan Botes strangled:

When a handful of local residents protested after these murders, everybody condemned them for being racist.

What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Search results for past week on Google


And this is probably where it will stay. Our protest is done on the other side of a computer screen. And I admit my guilt as well. We bitch and moan in cyber-space. Something the residents of Diepsloot don't have access to.

When we do organize protests, like Sunette Bridges did with RED OCTOBER, nobody turns up. Because we've got jobs and the Rugby Final is on. When we do protest, we also get laughed at, called racists and condemned by our own race. I was completely taken off guard with all the liberal whites in South Africa who condemned the RED OCTOBER protests.

Anton Taylor:

Watch this video below by a wanker called Anton Taylor, who's obviously one of those typical English Johannesburg / Cape Town liberals who went to a private school and had loads of "middle class black friends". His daddy probably still pays for him to fuck around as a (not funny) comedian. He probably also lives in a highly secured complex with razor wires, electric fences, infrared intruder alarms and armed response.

But Anton, your black friends are coconuts, my friend. They are just as white as you and me. And they grew up middle class, with TV's and running water and electricity. You ain't seen an angry machete wielding township adolescent with a politically induced hatred for whites in your life. Not in Sandton or wherever the fuck you hide away in your multicultural paradise.

I'd love to see you try to explain to the tsotsi's that they shouldn't rape your wife, drown your children in boiling water and torture you to death because you have "a lot of black friends". You got a white skin china. They'll fucking chop you up like any other white.

Two words for you, Anton Taylor: AMY BIEHL Oh, and FUCK YOU. In no particular order.

The Problem:

The problem here is of our own making. It's evolution, I reckon. With the advent of European ideas such as free speech, liberalism, equality and free thought, we engineered our own demise.

The uneducated, uncivilized, unemployed and un-thinking masses of Diepsloot can UNITE AS ONE and protest, whether their protests make sense or not. They can loot foreign owned shops while their at it, because they don't subscribe to our notions of free-thinking etc. They act like wildebeest, stampeding, wrecking and trampling, without thought.

And while they're doing it, Europeans are analyzing, debating about the legitimacy of the concept, arguing about the definitions of 'genocide', the accuracy of the statistics, the concept of this and that. We are divided about the smallest insignificant shit.

And in the meantime, we're being wiped out. The Muslim Brotherhood is taking the reigns. Third world immigrants are turning Europe and the USA into shit holes. South Africa's minority is being picked off one by one, our agriculture is going down the shitter, which causes food prices to go up, which causes blacks to get hungry, which causes blacks to get angry and which causes idiots like Malema to come to power.

So, Anton Taylor, you go ahead, do what you do, I'm sure you've got a British passport in your safe. You're gonna need it in a few years' time. Cause while you're chowing down your T-bone at a restaurant with all your 'many black friends', the guy in the township is getting hungrier, because there are less and less farmers around to grow mielies for his 'pap'. And all the while he's got Malema whispering anti-white hate in his ear.

Multiculturalism is a ticking time bomb. The only logical conclusion is that we all go down to the lowest common denominator.

The Solution:


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