Sunday, 21 April 2013

Stolen Land... and other nonsense

"The author makes many false comparison. The white dictator in apartheid was giving order to murder millions of blacks. Direct order to the army and police and security forces. Today it is blacks killing whites over disputes.
The white plus size model made plenty of racist comments and had a history of it. Why is it ok for whites to say racist things against black but not ok for blacks to say I hope you die? If I said all whites are subhuman scum to be annhilated and you said you hope I die, I wouldn't think you were out of order for saying it.
For there to be a white genocide zuma must go on tv and say kill all whites. whites get blamed for stealing land because they did. They can give the land back and then there won't be a dispute but they chose not to, so of course they will be blamed for stealing wealth, they are stealing."

Stolen Land

First of all, I never stole land, my parents and grandparents never stole land. My parents have been PAYING for their properties all their lives and my grandparents also PAID for their properties. I've been RENTING since I left school. If our ancestors stole land, which they didn't, why should we be blamed for this constantly? Look at the difference between "stolen land" and the land that belonged to the blacks:

"Their single most important home-grown source of revenue was the provision of casinos and topless revue shows, which the National Party government had prohibited in South Africa proper as being "immoral". This provided a lucrative source of income for the South African elite, who constructed megaresorts such as Sun City in the homeland of Bophuthatswana. Bophuthatswana also possessed deposits of platinum, and other natural resources, which made it the wealthiest of the Bantustans.
However, the homelands were only kept afloat by massive subsidies from the South African government; for instance, by 1985 in Transkei, 85% of the homeland's income came from direct transfer payments from Pretoria. The Bantustans' governments were invariably corrupt and little wealth trickled down to the local populations, who were forced to seek employment as "guest workers" in South Africa proper."

If the ANC came to power in the 60's when most other African countries got independence, all of South Africa would've looked like the second picture above. The Apartheid government poured millions of white tax payer's money into the homelands, which had their own governments and they couldn't build anything substantial. Why would they have been successful with the rest of the country?
So, if our ancestors stole the land, we should all be thankful. Although I never benefited from this "stolen land", I sure-as-shit appreciate that they actually developed this "stolen land" and that we have shopping malls and commercial farms today. If the land was never "stolen" there'd be NOTHING on the land today.

Millions of blacks killed

Oh, please provide proof. If millions of blacks were killed, they were killed by the corrupt Mbeki regime who denied the link between HIV and Aids and failed to provide the millions of morally bankrupt HIV positive blacks with ARV's.

The Apartheid government never had a 'dictator'. And they never killed millions. Please read my article: 

The truth seems to be something that is constantly evading blacks. Probably because they have no written history. Facts mean nothing to them. You can throw a library of books at them and they will still deny the truth. There's no use in arguing with people like this. 
We need to create global Apartheid for our own sake. And to all those who think that a statement like this is ridiculous, spend a bit of time on 'race related' forums and websites. See what people in Australia and Europe and America are saying. They're all sick and tired of this bullshit and some groups are already planning on creating 'whites only' areas in America.

Zuma's already done it, mate

"For there to be a white genocide zuma must go on tv and say kill all whites."

The ANC is constantly promoting racial hatred in South Africa. You don't have to look very far to find proof of this. We are constantly blamed for everything that is wrong in this godforsaken country.

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