Monday, 22 April 2013

It's a f*ckup 2... BEE utiful

"I will continue this when I have more time but for now all I want to say is the black people keep saying if the whites are unhappy they must leave, if only they knew how hard most of us are trying , wishing and hoping. If any of you black people have connections in any civilized country in the world ( civilized to me means NOT RUN BY BLACKS ) please let me know. If you are able to get me a permit to go live elsewhere I will be on the first plane out. I wont even bother packing. I wont even bother turning the lights out when I leave as I’m sure with the way things are going they will shortly go out on their own."

I'm sure most young white South Africans would agree with you here. I'd jump on the first plane with my family if I could get a work permit easily. It's really hard, though. I'd leave this shithole of a ticking time-bomb country behind in an instant so they can have their 'economic freeDOM' and their 'stolen land' back.

Go visit this blog for a humorous take on the dire situation in South Africa:


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