Friday, 26 April 2013

Culturalist vs Racist

Just to clear something up... A lot of the people who comment on this blog try to label me a racist and white-supremacist.

I am neither.

I always remember a letter I read in a newspaper in Perth a few years ago. It simply said: Multiracial Australia, no problem... Multicultural Australia, no way.

I have no doubt that there are millions of black people in this country that are superior to me. Smarter, richer, better behaved, of a higher moral caliber, better parents etc.

But I DO NOT believe that black 'cultures' are superior or on par to European culture. Most black people who are smart, rich, better behaved etc, have become 'European'. Or 'coconuts' as the stupid and unsuccessful blacks like to refer to them.

Anyway, for those who are a bit slow, I've created a nice little collage:

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