Saturday, 23 March 2013

Charlize Theron?

I got an email with a link to this 'article'. I wouldn't call it an article though, because the author, David Mosegi, is obviously a womanizer and all round idiot, who clearly gets a kick out of humiliating white women.

Charlize Theron an ANC donor

Could this be true?

I won't have sleepless nights about that, but what really irritates me about this site is the way they get some kind of a kick out of humiliating white women. As if it's a way of getting back at white men. We'll, you got me angry, if that makes you feel better. Problem is, all your 'sheep' friends, who get all excited watching all this crap, goes out and rape our women and children because they can't get white girlfriends of their own.

“I left because of a terrible oppressive racist system. I hated the culture, had it been a century earlier , I’d probably have ended up in some Zulu village, as one of King Shaka’s wives…” Charlize Theron, Dec 2011, Vogue.

What a crock of shite, Charlize. You were 16 when you left and you probably didn't even know what 'oppression' meant. You left because your mother said that she'll make you famous. Come live a normal life in South Africa for a couple of weeks and we'll have a little chat after that. And we'll see if you still love the noble savages.

Well done Charlize. I'm sure you've convinced your Hollywood friends that you're not one of 'those white South Africans'. You had your mouth full about the rapes in South Africa. Who do you think is doing the raping? Probably not people like David Mosegi? Uhm....


  1. you are awasome....i'm a will smith little skinned black man from NY, the truth is all i ever as for

  2. i use to love this chic, i refuse to support anything she's in, i'll get it bootleg

  3. What a fake bitch. Playing up to what her hollybolly friends what to hear. I wonder if she speaks in her Benoni accent in her dreams?

  4. Tribes? Where the hell were u

  5. Well u certainly did not learn history

  6. Bobotie? Thats cape malay dumbarse,her short term progress, joined the hand shake club plus

  7. And over and over and over