Monday, 18 March 2013

Black Panthers coming to SA...

So, these dimwitted idiots have decided to 'return to their roots' and come and educate their brethren in South Africa.

They feel the need to tell the blacks here that they need to drive the 'colonials' out of Africa. I suppose they've got this idea that once they've taken over white owned farms, there won't be a 'black famine'? I guess 'panthers' are carnivores, though, so they won't need wheat and corn and vegetables. I'm also sure they don't drink wine or beer, cause without any commercial farmers there ain't gonna be much to drink in SA either.

But they might be able to snatch a bird out of a tree with their lightning-quick canine reflexes...

The 'New' Black Panthers
The New Black Panther Party, according to the Anti Defamation League, is a hate group who have announced they are planning a visit to South Africa from 19th to 27th March 2013 for the commemoration of Sharpeville and in their own words, “TO IGNITE THE CONTINENT IN SELF-DETERMINATION AND DRIVE OUT BLOOD SUCKING COLONIZERS ROBBING OUR MOTHERLAND”.

Please sign a petition here to keep them from coming here. (I think they are probably already in the air at the time of going to print, but whoever organized this petition wants to send it to the Human Rights Commission - for what it's worth.)

I found a nice little video of one of the Black Panther leaders, Khalid Muhammad, calling for white genocide in South Africa:

If you've got the time, you can watch the rest of his drivel here

He's got a real Samuel L Jackson voice. Kind of inspiring. If he wasn't advocating the killing of myself, my parents, my wife and my kids, I'd probably like this guy...

What struck me about the rest of his ranting is that he said that the Jews (de Beers, who I think is a very Afrikaans surname), stole their diamond mines. Now, excuse me, but did Africans attach any kind of value to   diamonds? They didn't even know what they looked like or how to extract them or refine them. Let alone build mines. What is this guy on about?

Well, so it's nice to know these idiots are coming to South Africa to talk even more crap into the proletariat's already hate-filled heads. I'm not sure there's much more room for any more propaganda.

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