Thursday, 7 March 2013

White and proud

The white business forum? Miss White South Africa? White owned businesses directory? White engineer's association?

Yeah, if you're any other colour apart from white, you can stand together and look after your own race. But if you're white and proud to be white? YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY A WHITE SUPREMACIST.

According to so many people this blog is a white supremacist blog. But why? Have I, in any article on this blog made sweeping statements about blacks being less than whites? Go read through it.

The fact of the matter is that nobody needs to say it. The facts speak for themselves. And THAT is why these people call me a white supremacist. Because the facts make them insecure about their skin colour.

The US has got the same problem

We're not alone, though. We've just got a more recent excuse, though. Apartheid. Ooh, so bad. Was it?
In the States, whites still can't club together without being called RACIST. And whites in America are also getting sick of it. We're not alone, people. We've just got more reason to feel insecure cause they've managed to breed us out of our own country.

Have a look at this site:

I received an email this morning, just reinforcing my views on white guilt. Why the f*ck do we have to feel bad about being white? Why do I have to feel bad about driving a nice car and living in a nice house. I haven't inherited anything, but why should I feel bad when I do one day? I'd sure as hell try to leave as much behind for my children. Does that make us guilty by default?

If you choose to have 12 children and you can't even afford to look after yourself, is that always someone else's fault?

And, please, I know that not all black people do that. But the black people that don't do that are the educated black people who have adopted a westernized way off life. They are just the same as us.

I'm talking about the ANC cannon fodder. The idiots who keep them in power, not the ones who benefit from keeping them in power. Strangely, those two groups of people are not the same.

Anyway, here follows the email:

Hi There,

I found your blog today, and I just want to say thank you.

You know, as a white citizen I am constantly inundated with facts about how cruel whites were and are, oh and let's not forget how we are constantly being branded as being racist, leaving me with feelings of guilt and sadness. When the apartheid ended in 1994 I was only 13 years old, I mean what does a child know and understand about politics, yet it's expected of me to have a "I'm so sorry" guilt ridden attitude for the rest of my life?

PS - Did you know how many blacks/coloured people I have worked with have told me that the apartheid to them weren't nearly as bad as I think it is.  That the stories being told are either isolated occurences or blown up out of proportion.  Yes, they said they could remember not being able to walk around after a certain time, or not allowed into certain areas, but what they remember was having access to fully functional hospitals and schools!

Yes, I'm sorry about some things during the apartheid era that happened, but you know, my dad was part of the Army, he left my mom and I as a baby behind to fight in the war in the late 70's/early 80's, when he tells me stories I can hear the pride and sadness, pride of what they achieved and heart break for the people they lost. Thank God that my dad was one of the lucky ones, and today I could sit for hours and listen to his stories, am I suppose to look him in the eye and despise what he has done for our country? Of course not, I'm quite proud of him.

As a hard working citizen who pays my taxes, who never gets speeding fines, who renews all my licenses on time etc. etc. I can't help but have a grudge in my heart, I don't know, sometimes it feels like hatred which is such an ugly word, I'm liberal, well I try to be.  I try to judge people not by their skin colour but by who they are.  Then I think, am I suppose to feel guilty because I have nice clothes, I drive a nice car and live in a nice house?  Is that all really down to apartheid?

We have a black receptionist at work, she's been with the company for 4 years, she's off sick at least once a month (I have worked here 2 years and have only been off when I'd been to an operation, I'm here even if I feel ill due to the volume of work and my sense of responsibility), I can hear her footsteps from down the passage as she moves at snail pase, precisely at 10:15 she has tea time, again at 13:00 for lunch, then in the afternoon.  You will not find her working during her breaks.  Me on the other hand, I cannot remember when I last had time to just sit and do nothing, well I'm lying, it's precisely this time.   A friend send me a link to your blog, I read it and got so moved by it I had to send you an email right away.  This is the first time in forever that I'm at work not working, I don't take tea or lunch times, why?  It's just too busy.  So the reason I have a nice life is not because I benefited from apartheid, it's purely because my work ethic is completely different.  I just gave you the story about our receptionist but it's a general rule around here, you can have a walk outside the building just after 12:00 and see for yourself.

I'm just wondering, for how long will government be able to blame apartheid for everything?  How long will they be able to play monopoly in SA?  I mean take the recent FNB ads, they spoke the truth!  Whether those kids were paid for the video's or not, at the end of the day they had a message that needed to be heard.

As a white female in SA today, I am saddened by any acts of cruelty or unkindness, regardles of your race or gender, but I want to stand up and say I am oppressed by government today!  There is no equality in our nation, we are the laughing stock of rainbows not the rainbow nation.

I guess my thank you letter turned into a bit of a rant, but I needed to talk about it, it's shameful how white people cannot say how hurt or angry they feel, without being branded as racist.  We are expected to just bow our heads and be the least, but at the end of the day I know I'm made of steel, my grandparents, my parents stood the test of time.  They conquered so many things, from them I gain strength, and I just hope that other white South-Africans won't be ashamed to remember our past not with guilt or sorrow, but with pride. 

Don't feel guilty for being white. You CAN be white and proud. We need to get rid of these baseless feelings of guilt and teach our children to be proud Caucasians.

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