Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The crime against humanity - part 2013

Yes, the Apartheid government was such a brutal machine, ne?

During the entire period that the Apartheid government was in power, 73 people died in detention.

Fast forward... Between 2006 and 2011, there have been more than 4000 deaths in police custody.

Say what?

Yes, you heard right. MORE THAN 4000.

Such a relief that the 'crime against humanity' was dismantled. The rainbow nation is in full swing.

By Mike Smith 
4th of March 2013 

Arch Commie scumbag, Ronnie Kasrils has added his voice to the criticism of police brutality in South Africa. 

Police minister must go; Kasrils 

This comes after the police dragged a Mozambican taxi driver behind their vehicle and he died. 

I wonder why now only? Where was Kasrils’ voice when police raped people, extorted bribes from the public killed Andries Titane and massacred 34 miners at Marikana? But it was his Communist hypocrisy that got me so bad in the stomach, I wanted to throw up. 

He said he never expected to see this kind of police brutality in SA. Say what? 

This kind of police brutality is common in every single Communist country. South Africa is no exception. 

He said he had become concerned about “reports of beatings and torture in police cells; the attacks on protest demonstrations; the “shoot to kill” exhortations of police ministers; reports involving police corruption; use of conspiracy theories to deal with opponents of government; and the move to strengthen the powers of the government security cluster by dubious means”. 

Well, what Kasrils just described can fit any Communist regime from Cuba to North Korea. 

Look at these shocking statistics. 

Annual reports of police watchdog the Independent Complaints Directorate (now the Independent Police Investigating Directorate, Ipid), show there were more than 4 000 deaths in police custody between 2006 and 2011, including 698 in 2006/07, 792 in 2007/08, 912 in 2008/09, 860 in 2009/10 and 797 in 2010/2011. 

Last year, 932 people died in police custody 

Further, Kasrils was a high ranking Marxist terrorist, part of MK’s high command and their intelligence chief during Operation Vula, a murderous campaign of terror that changed the focus of attack from 20% civilian to 80% civilian targets. 

He actively and with horrific violence supported the ANC Marxist scum to come to power, now he complains that they are too violent. Go figure… 

Nevertheless, Let us compare the figures above to the Apartheid Era deaths in detention. 

The Atlas of Apartheid (A.J. Cristopher) on page 170 states that from 1960-1990 about 78,000 people were detained by the police without trial. 

In the 1960’s two to three detainees died each year until the widely publicized death of Ahmed Timol in 1971. 

No more deaths were recorded until the Soweto riots of 1976. 

There then followed “a horrific 26 death in two years”. 

The outcry over Steve Biko’s death in 1977 again brought a halt to the deaths in detention, but rose again during the 1980’s. 

In total, some 73 people died in police detention during thirty years of Apartheid. Thirty years of a Communist sponsored terrorist war the ANC, a Marxist terrorist organization, declared on innocent South African citizens. 

Today, the deaths in detention are almost a thousand per year. But hey…according to the ANC and their liberal useful idiots, today is far better than Apartheid, right?

Let me tell you what Ronnie Kasrills is REALLY concerned about. He is a Communist. He feels nothing for anybody, least of all the blacks who die in detention or from police brutality. 

He is only concerned that if it carries on like this, then people are going to realise that Apartheid was indeed far better than Communism.


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