Sunday, 3 March 2013

The world is waking up

I got the following email on Saturday, with the subject: GET REAL AND GET A LIFE

I read your apocalyptic page with interest. What exactly do you hope to achieve
apart from spreading acrid bitterness between blacks and whites? Those who
follow you are as stupid as our erstwhile friends of the Nationalist Party who
thought white superiority was ordained by God. 

Get real. South Africa is in Africa, not Europe.


I'm wondering what Ernst wanted me to do. Maybe he expected that I would immediately take my blog off the internet. Because he SAID SO.

You see, that is the problem with the ruling elite in this country. They think they are special. They think the world thinks they're special. Delusions of grandeur.

The powers that be orchestrated the downfall of the Apartheid government. For gold and diamonds and platinum. They didn't give a shit about the blacks or the whites. They used puppets like Bono, Bruce Springsteen and even the messiah himself, Nelson Mandela.

It gave the "liberation party", who struggled via correspondence in their cushy houses in the West, the false impression that they were somehow special. That THEY brought about change in South Africa.

If the men in power didn't want change in South Africa, these idiots would still be 'struggling' to this day. They were useless. And our security and defense forces had them under their thumbs. They weren't a real threat. South Africa could have gone on in isolation.


You're not special

This false sense of importance of the ANC and their children, who drive around in Mini Coopers - or as I like to refer to as BEE PRAMS, is slowly being dismantled.

Even the liberal idiots at TIME magazine decided to publish a nice article about the situation in South Africa.

Your 'struggle credentials' mean NOTHING to the rest of the world, ANC. You are nobody. The world is laughing at your incompetence and arrogance. They pity you.

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