Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mido Macia

News 24:

South Africans who travelled especially for the funeral said the killing showed their country had not yet dealt with its violent past under white minority rule and intense distrust of migrants.

"I feel like we are not done with apartheid. We are not done with xenophobia," said Diana Khoza, who drove 200km from Nelspruit.


I don't even know what to say about these comments. It doesn't really evoke any emotion in me anymore to hear that EVERYTHING that is wrong in this country is the white man's fault. It just makes me laugh now.

The street lights are out - It's gotta be the legacy of Appadhate...
There's no TP in the Sasol garage toilets - Well, you know, Colonialism can be blamed for bad sanitation among the indigenous tribes...
Zuma's second wife has kidney stones - During slavery, Africans were given too much coffee and we're suffering the consequences...
The new black elite like driving German cars and not paying for them - The Calvinist Afrikaner aligned with Nazi Germany and it's payback time...

What's next? What will we have to take the blame for next? Mosquito's? The flu? The passion-gap?

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