Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Prosperity Index 2012 - UHM!!!

So, South Africa ranks 74th in the 2012 Prosperity index.

I had to dig deep to find the 2007 index, but I found it eventually and it reinforces a lot of people's fears about the state of our country.

Since the first prosperity index in 2007 only included 50 countries, I thought it would be rational to compare two countries on the index.

In 2007, Poland shared the 38th spot with South Africa as can be seen below:

Prosperity Index 2007
Click to enlarge Prosperity Index 2007

 Five years later - most of it under our "dictator in the making, Zuma" and with the help of his lapdog, Malema - Poland rose to 32 out of 142 countries. And South Africa dropped to 74.

Prosperity Index 2012 Poland

Prosperity Index 2012 South Africa

So, is this Apartheid's fault?

Well done, cANCer... You can pat yourself on the back and stash another few dirty millions under your pillows. Just remember, if you keep up the good work, those millions will be WORTHLESS in a few years...

As can be seen in the comments on News24, our friend semonatenate also thinks that everything is hunky dory down under in Africa:

semonatenate ignorant fool

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