Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Second Transition - Or theft?

So Zuma confirmed everybody's suspicions today at the ANC's "brainstorming" conference.

The ANC will take matters into their own capable hands to ensure that "economic freedom" is delivered to the poor masses in South Africa. And because they have such a pristine record of competence and general managerial skills, coupled with an impeccably non-corrupt and morally superior civil service, all the poor uneducated black youths in the townships will be freed from the clutches of the evil white man's economy.

Some extracts from his speech, before they all started singing and dancing:

"The plight of those without land must be addressed without changing the Constitution."

And they WILL do it without changing the Constitution, because they are a little bit more intelligent than Malema and his number 2, Lamola. They know that they won't be ABLE to change the Constitution, because they don't have a two-thirds majority.

But that's not going to stop these conniving criminals, my friends. They've devised a plan to get around the Constitution.

They are planning to appoint a "minister of land valuation", who will decide how much a piece of land is worth. This way, they can get around the "willing buyer, willing seller" clause in the Constitution, because it only says that farmers should be compensated "reasonably" for their land.

The other proposition I've heard is that the government is going to limit the size of land that a person can own. You can make your own conclusions here. Is Tokyo and Cyril going to be subject to the same laws?

The price of food is going to balloon in the next few years. People can't eat land.

Zuma said the real economy was still mainly in the hands of white males, and this needed to be addressed soon. 

So, how will they address this issue? Because they've already squeezed us out of the civil service and keep trying to get us out of the private sector. 

When they say they need to address this "situation", are they simply going to take the economy out of the white man's hands? Or are they going to EXPAND the economy? I think they'll probably opt for the easiest option.

Zuma said ANC delegates had to deliberate on how the state could obtain an equitable share from mineral resources.

How much tax do they get from the mines? Is that not enough to squander? And honestly, how would the poor people benefit from raising the taxes on mines? The ANC itself is evasive about nationalisation, but when the battle for leadership gets tough, they're going to jump on it to get the support of the uneducated fools.

Nationalisation of mines and banks would cripple the economy - have a look at the link below if you don't believe me:

Another worrying proposal that they will be discussing at the conference is implementing policies that will force pension funds to invest a certain portion of their portfolios in state-run infrastructure development.
There's no end to the ignorance of these criminals. To read more about this new chapter of "transformation", check out the link below:

The "brainstorming" conference that the ANC is holding behind closed doors this week reminds me ofthe scenes in movies where they plan the heists...

anc to nationalise grab land
Where dem chicken wings, Kgalema?

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