Thursday, 28 June 2012

Africans rape women because of... You guessed it...Apartheid

Of course, the injustices of Apartheid causes (mainly) Africans to go around and rape women. Sometimes it's babies and old women.

At the beginning of June, a boy in the Western Cape stabbed his father and dragged his mother into the bushes where he raped her.

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In January this year a 32 year old man raped his 65 year old mother in Diphagane village in Limpopo.

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Naturally, these crimes can be blamed on Apartheid, because the evil white empire took away the dignity of these people. It's probably just as bad in the rest of Africa, but they don't have systems in place to record the rape statistics. But naturally that would be colonialism's fault.

I like the explanation in this article: "the country’s past has created violent conceptions of masculinity, such as a preference for violent pornography". And then: "It’s a live scar from apartheid."

Just a few days ago, a 21-year old was raped twice at gun-point in Polokwane. Seeing as it was reported in Beeld, I assume that it was a white girl. Her friend was apparently beat up quite badly while she was being raped.

When the men were done with the girls, they took their cellphones and handbags and fled. A security guard tried to stop them, but they fired shots at him. 

"Where is this rainbow nation? It takes us long to get a white girlfriend because of this. We are not living together. We've been looking, we can't find her..." Ronald Lamola

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