Sunday, 8 July 2012

Zapiro, we salute you...

With the ANC desperately trying to push laws through to censor the press, we probably won't be able to do this sort of thing for much longer.

They're calling the new act the "protection of information bill" and are trying to convince the people of South Africa that the bill will protect the "sensitive information" of the government.

We all know that it's just a way to protect themselves. They don't like the fact that the press tell everybody about their corruption. And even though no one in the ANC ever gets fired for stealing - in fact, they usually end up getting paid indefinitely while on holiday for the rest of their lives - it must be annoying to them.

I just wanted to congratulate Zapiro for having the courage to say what everybody wants to say about our esteemed president. While we still can...

A president who claims that he has "sleepless nights" because of the poverty of the majority of South Africans whilst trying to buy himself a new jet for R2.2 billion deserves to be portrayed as a penis.

A president who tells the BBC that farm murders in South Africa are not racially motivated should be portrayed as a penis. If you keep telling yourself that farm murders are not racially motivated, Mr Zuma, you're going to have trouble feeding your harem very soon.

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