Saturday, 23 June 2012

Just don't insult the BIG MAN

Funny how quickly the ANC speaks up against the Youth League when they insult the top brass, but when they promote racial hatred and genocide, it's all right.

On Thursday, Malema's number two (no pun intended) dared to say that president Zuma is prioritizing his home town for development.

The ANC condemned this horrible statement saying: "It is therefore not only disingenuous for Lamola to accuse the president of prioritizing Nkandla for development, but also an insult in the extreme."

farm murders boer genocide in south africa
Spewing anti-white hate speech is OK

They said NOTHING about the fact that Lamola has been going around spewing hate speech against white South Africans, though... Makes you wonder if it still considered a crime to rape, torture, mutilate and murder whites and take away their livelihoods.

While the parents of 5-month old baby, Wiehan Botes, were mourning the loss of their only child, who had been senselessly strangled by blacks, the international media was reporting about the horribly racist painting of Zuma. What is wrong with this picture? (again, no pun intended)

the corruption of the anc zuma mandela the whole lot
Our president's greatest asset

Julius Malema was not suspended because of his racist statements or his continued singing of the song: "Kill the Boer..." He was muzzled because he started attacking the BIG MEN of the ANC.

The ANC could not care less if white South Africans were annihilated, but I've got a feeling they haven't realized where their pay cheques come from yet... or their chicken wings, pap, beer, bread, milk............

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