Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Farmer (77) shot dead in his bed

At around 5:00 this morning, Mr Van Rensburg, who lived on the farm Cosmopolite close to Baltimore in Limpopo was shot dead in his bed.

His wife, Gloudine (65), was airlifted to Mediclinic in Polokwane with several gun shot wounds to her chest. She is in a serious condition.

An American couple, who were hunting on the farm heard shots while they were sleeping and saw 4 suspects running out of the house.

The Beeld and SAPS articles are completely different as far as the details go, so you'll have to make up your own mind.

I did a bit of research about the farm where Van Rensburg and his wife were shot this morning and found out that there have been land claims for more than a decade on the farm. It seems that this is one of the main reasons for farm murders when bogus land claims are turned down by the courts.

ANC Youth League Says Land Reform Will Be Violent

This horrible farm murder comes a few hours after the new ANC Youth League president, Ronald Lamola, who is desperately trying to out-shine his equally unintelligent predecessor, Julius Malema, said that it was an illusion if South Africans believed they could get their land back peacefully.

Ronald Lamola white genocide
The new village idiot
The new president of the ANC Youth League has been going around giving "lectures" at universities, telling ANCYL members that the constitution should be ammended, a Minister of Nationalization appointed and that "land reform needs an act as forceful as war."

A few weeks ago, Lamola said that the Youth League doesn't care if international investors stopped investing in South Africa. He is quoted as saying "Good riddance to foreign investors."

I sincerely hope that the two American hunters who had to witness the aftermath of this vile and inhumane act, will go back to the USA and let the world know about the situation in South Africa.

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