Saturday, 16 June 2012

I am an Afrikaner

I am a white South African. I am not a racist. My son's best friend at school is black.

I talk to black people everyday. Sometimes I'm served by a black person, sometimes I serve black people. I've had many black employees that I would trust with my family's lives. I have black friends.

I believe that Apartheid was a necessary evil. And so do many black South Africans who are intelligent enough not to believe the lies that the ANC keep spreading.

A little known fact about the "emancipation" of South Africa is the last "white" referendum that took place in South Africa in 1992 where the vast majority of white South Africans voted in favor of abolishing Apartheid.

The National Party wanted to make the process of transformation a gradual process, but the ANC wanted power straight away. The "exiled strugglers" came back in droves to board the gravy train, all eager to get in on the action.

We have a situation in this country where the ministers and cabinet are chosen because of their loyalty to the party. They see the ANC as a religion rather than a political organization, which is clear when you hear comments like: "the ANC will rule until Jesus Christ comes back."

Have these people learnt nothing from the mistakes that the rest of Africa made? Did the sudden power and wealth blind them in such a way that they can't see what is happening in this country. With more than 70 000 service delivery protests since 2004, rising violence, a silent white genocide, raising food prices because of farm murders and land reform, do they not stop to think that we are heading towards disaster?

A nation is a very intricate organism. You can't divide this country by race lines alone. The group of people who are responsible for farm murders and white genocide are not at all the majority of black people in South Africa, but that doesn't take away from the brutality and senselessness of the butchering.

I don't believe that the government is responsible for the murders in a direct way, but it fits in with their view of "the transformation of wealth". They are responsible for not allowing the black population of South Africa to forget the past. They need to keep reminding the blacks of what the whites did to them.

I love this video that makes fun of the ANC Youth League.
They probably won't get it, though...

How about telling both sides of the story. How about reminding the black people how they
instigated violence and intimidated the black population into unity?

It's very dangerous to sing liberation songs that incite hatred and violence against the whites in South Africa. Even though the vast majority of the work force in this country is black, most of the private sector, including commercial farming is dominated by whites.

Julius Malema's new puppet in the ANC Youth League claimed that if the government started confiscating white owned farms, there would be no reduction in food production because all the farm workers are black anyway. I would really love to see this idiot run a successful commercial farm. Feeding cattle or driving a tractor does not qualify a person for commercial farming.

You might as well hand a construction company to a bricklayer and see what happens. Or the management of a railway company to a train driver.

white genocide coming to a town near youANC white genocide farm murders

I don't feel safe in the country that I was born in. I fear for the safety of my wife and child. I fear for the safety of my parents. My parents fear for their investments, property and business.

This fear is not borne out of racism or out of the misconception that every black South African is a murderer, but it is because I can see that the ANC have become so used to power and wealth that they've lost touch with the masses. And by continuing to blame the whites for all the country's problems, they are unknowingly creating the blue print for a revolution that will strip them of their wealth, ruin this country and ultimately lead to the mass murder of all whites in South Africa.

Members of the European parliament are already advocating sanctions and withdrawal of funding of the ANC. The ANC cronies may or may not take notice of this.

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  1. I am white and I feel the same way. So how do we rectify the situation, bec most of the votes are still going to the ANC. I feel that the DA will benefit all of us and not just one race. But alot of black people are scared of the DA believing that it is just for whites. Im scared to live in this country.