Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Xenophobia in South Africa


Notice the school uniforms. This is the nature of our 'peace-loving' population. If school children, who never lived under Apartheid can do this sort of thing, what the hell is wrong with our society?

The legacy of Mandela™?

No, of course, this is because of the evil whitey. We're responsible for these violent school children in some way.


  1. How are they blaming this on whites?

  2. After apartheid, why would any black want the Ducth or any whites in their country. You are evil whitey... Nothing changes that... How many countries have been colonized for profit? How many people wiped out or nearly wiped out. How many enslaved? The Zulus should fight...

  3. You used chemical amd biological weapons against blacks. Cholera, Anthrax and more.. They even planned to steriize the pouplation. Then the medical experiments... The US is guilty of doing that too. How many racially biased laws did you have against blacks and minorities? Forced Removals? Apartheid ended 21-22 years ago... Did you think things were going to be great after its fall? Are your serious?