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Pretoria's name - ANC's ignorance

I almost fell off my chair, laughing, when I read the newspaper head line: Van Riebeeck kry skuld (Pretoria naam) which means Van Riecbeeck is to blame for Pretoria's name.

Now, for our international readers, I'll just sum up the situation and history here.

The ANC has been trying to change Pretoria's name for years. They're trying to change the name to Tshwane, but the angry white residents of Pretoria have been giving them hell in the courts for years. They've changed everything else to Tshwane already, including the names on our dustbins. But they just can't get over that last hurdle in their quest to wipe our Afrikaner history out.

The ANC's Version Of The Truth:

Yesterday at the umpteenth meeting about the name change, ANC councilor, Apson Makaung, was quoted as saying:

"You should be grateful that there is consultation, because Jan van Riebeeck gave Pretoria its name without trying to find out to whom the land belongs."

The WRITTEN Truth:

Jan van Riebeeck was a Dutch colonial administrator and founded Cape Town in 1652. He wasn't the first European to set foot in South Africa, but he was the first to set up a permanent "halfway house" in Cape Town for ships sailing past the tip of Africa.

Jan van Riebeeck died in 1677.

Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, was founded in 1855, 178 years after Van Riebeeck died. It was founded by Marthinus Pretorius, a Voortrekker leader, who PURCHASED two farms named Elandspoort and Daspoort between 1854 and 1855, on which he founded the city of Pretoria in 1855. He named the city after his brother, but I don't really see why, because they had the same surname.

At that time, Pretoria was not the capital of the Boer Republic, it only became the capital in 1860.

Stolen Land?

Of course, the ANC wants everybody to believe that "evil whitey" stole the city, complete with buildings and roads and Jacaranda trees from the noble savages who were peacefully living there.

Let's examine the situation:

"The Southern Transvaal Ndebele occupied the river valley, which was to become the location of the city of Pretoria, by around 1600.[5]
During the difaqane (Mfecane) in Natal, another band of refugees arrived in this area under the leadership of Mzilikazi. However, they were forced to abandon their villages in their flight from a regiment of Zulu raiders in 1832."

Again, for our international readers, Mfecane means "crushing or scattering". It basically refers to a time when the Zulus ran around the country, murdering and raping and pillaging.

"Mfecane (Zulu:crushing or scattering), also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane or Lifaqane, was a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous ethnic communities in Southern Africa during the period between 1815 to about 1840."

The Boers or Afrikaners started moving into the interior from the Cape between 1830 and 1840. It wasn't easy crossing the country with wagons and oxen, so I reckon it took them quite a while to reach the area where Pretoria is today. There's no mention anywhere of a clash between the Zulu raiders who chased Mzilikazi away in 1832 and the Boers, so I'd say the place was most probably pretty much empty when the Boers arrived.


Nobody really knows what the name means. Some say it is the original name of the Apies River (Monkey's River) that runs through Pretoria. Some say it means "baboon" in  Setswana. Nobody can say.

But the ANC, Marxist scum that they are, want us to believe that Tshwane means "we are the same" or "we are one because we live together". 

Why Care?

The ANC will have its way. They'll change the name eventually. And I don't really care to be honest. They've changed all the street names illegally anyway. See

The fact of the matter is that they are trying to re-write history. With their Marxist training and limited intelligence, they still haven't figured out that it's a little more difficult to re-write history like the Commies did back in the day, considering that they'd have to somehow get rid of blogs like these and Wikipedia as well.

But how many people are really interested in history enough to look it up on the internet? Our children are being taught all this bullshit in school. The ANC have already been telling these lies to their (even more ignorant) voter-base and the rest of the world for years without challenge.

So they'll succeed in re-writing history to a great extent.

I'm reading 1984 by George Orwell at the moment and this whole name change debacle has struck a chord with me as far as the indoctrination aspect is concerned.

ANC Ignorance

One of the biggest problems in this country is that our leaders are uneducated. The ANC councilor who made the statement is a prime example of this. Our president never even finished primary school.
We were taught the history of Jan van Riebeeck and Andries Pretorius in the 4th grade. Where was Apson Makaung?
Probably "struggling via correspondence" overseas or running around burning down schools, but definitely not getting an education.

The ANC had a slogan during the "struggle" - Liberation before Education. Schools were burnt down all over the country.

Obviously, their call for Liberation Before Education worked.  There a great ad by (I think) Nando's in SA where the guy says: "Are you free, or are you dom?" Dom means stupid in Afrikaans. I think most of them are both. They got their FreeDOM.

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