Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Zimbabwean Formula For Success

I listen to Talk Radio 702. The people who criticize me because I like to call a spade a bloody shovel on this blog would probably expect a 'racist' like me to listen to Radio Pretoria, but there's a surprise for you...

The other morning, one of my favourite DJ's, Redi Tlhabi (yes, it would be another surprise for those who call me a racist), was talking about the elections in Zimbabwe. Some Zimbabwean wanker, who obviously supports Zanu-PF, phoned up the station and told Redi how prosperous Zimbabwe is. He said that there are so many more opportunities there and that Zimbabwe had the fastest growing economy in Africa.

When Redi stopped talking to him, she actually laughed on air and went to an ad break.

The first thing I thought when this Mugabe puppet was going on about Zimbabwe being the fastest growing economy in Africa was that it may very well be. Once you've fucked a country up beyond the point of fuckuptability, getting three more fruit vendors in the country when you previously only had one, would indeed be an astronomical economic growth of 400%.

So, if that Zanu-PF bastard ever stumbles across this site, I would like him to see the real Zimbabweans. Those who ran away from Mugabe's Utopia and came to South Africa. Some estimate that it may be about 4 million of them.

This is where they live, eat and sleep, Mr Mugabe. Your Africanization of Zimbabwe has been so successful, that we've imported 4 million of your experts to do our recycling. I hope your chest swells with pride.

And to those libtard rich bitches in Sandton who say: "oh, we should really start recycling like they do in Sweden..." WAKE UP CALL. We DO recycle. If you ever bothered to visit a dump site in Gauteng, you'll see just how we do it. There's someone out there sifting through your snot filled tissues and rotting Woollies discards in search for a few bits of recyclable aluminium cans or plastic.

I honestly feel for these people. They're situation is a direct consequence of the African BIG MEN, who rule countries like you'd deal with your bowel movements after eating a bunny chow.

The problem is that these BIG MEN continue to tell these people that it's the white man's fault.

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  1. Come on fellow South Africans the blaming of whites and the past is getting old the people f**king us over are the people who are in power now so if u wanna blame someone blame them