Saturday, 2 February 2013

The REAL issues in South Africa

I received this email yesterday and want to share it with our readers:

South Africa -- The REAL Issues

The time bomb is primed for mass destruction


All my life I opposed Apartheid, I cheered when Nelson Mandela was released and I cheered the new dispensation in 1994 – I WAS a LIBERAL white South African

But a few years ago I began to notice that things were going wrong in the economy

I started an initiative to raise awareness to assist government to course correct but was quickly shocked by the harsh black on white racism that existed in Parliament so I backed off

Since then I have seen more and more signs of irreversible structural damage to the economy and I have also increasingly noticed that much of the rhetoric from the ANC and African writers in newspapers does not in any way correlate with my reality and is fundamentally inaccurate at a technical level

I wrote several articles but was unable to get them published because editors were afraid to publish work that was fundamentally critical of the New Dispensation

Early in 2012 I received a prophetic message saying that South Africa was destined for destruction and started to notice things I had not seen before

Finally, towards the end of 2012 I came across a video of Jacob Zuma leading the ANC leadership and tens of thousands of ANC supporters in singing “The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” at the ANC Centenary in Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on 8th January 2012 – I was stunned – Zuma was violating his Oath of Office, the Constitution, etc AND this was NOT a “struggle song” – the Cabinet he was referring to was the ANC Cabinet – the video is available on the website discussed below

I battled for over a week to internalize and compute the consequences of this video, then, in the weeks that followed, I started to make notes and, finally, I decided to write a book about what I see as “The REAL Issues in South Africa” – it took me weeks to work the hurt and deep sense of betrayal and the anger that followed out of my system sufficiently that I could sit down and write something that was sober and reasonably unemotional – something that was rational and examined the situation from a fundamental first principles perspective

The result – a 258 page eBook containing over 70 Critical Issues analyses of subjects as diverse as “Why am I feeling unsettled”, “What was Apartheid REALLY”, “The ANC is founded on a fundamentally false premise”, “South African myths debunked”, “How is poverty created?”, “What the white man brought to South Africa”, etc, etc

The book is available for download at

Having completed the eBook we created a website with every section of the book on a separate webpage, URL

If you are concerned about what is going on in South Africa this book and website are a MUST READ – this email is to notify you of the existence of the site and to encourage you to visit the site and, if you see value in what is contained there, to download the book and SHARE links to the site or specific pages with your family, friends, associates, etc – there are SHARE buttons all over the site so that you can link to FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc and also so that you can email a link

You could also forward this email to others – there are suggestions on the site with regard to sending bulk emails to your mailing list and an offer to assist with this if required

The balance of this email contains further information about the book and the site in order to assist you to decide whether to visit the site or download the book

In view of the murder rate of white South Africans, variously reported at between 68,000 and 165,000 since 1994 and because there are increasing signs that the ANC does NOT tolerate criticism and may deal with it violently and for other reasons the book and website are published under the nom de plume of “Disillusioned South African”

I hope that you will find the book and website of value and that, if you do, you will share it with your family, friends, associates and others

Click here to go to the website at

If you find value in this site please FORWARD this email to AS MANY people as possible!

Our president sings "Kill the boer..."

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