Friday, 1 February 2013

The descent to chaos

So I went to do a quote last night. Parked my bakkie (pick-up) in front of the guy's business premises, all locked, stupidly leaving a few packs of smokes on the dash board.

I go in, have a look at the job. 15min max. When I come out... Window smashed, toolbox broken open. Everything gone.

Of course, I felt like an idiot for leaving my bakkie in the street, but I thought: "Ah, it's only going to be 5 minutes."

So, me and the guy I had to do the quote for walk up and down the street, trying to see if the bastards left anything. I mean, they got away with a few heavy toolboxes, laptop etc.

I flag down a private security firm vehicle. The guy was very friendly, drove around the place to have a look. He comes back, just to make sure we're all right. And up comes a traffic police car, with 3 obese black women in. I walk up to the window and tell them that someone just broke into my bakkie. The bitch looks at me like I'm an idiot and says: "who broke?" I walk away, because I know I'm going to scream.

She calls the security guy and asks him for his licence. He parked on the wrong side of the road and she wants to give him a fine. He pleads with her and they drive off.

Another police van drives past. (The police station is in the same road, maybe 500m down the road). My girlfriend waves at them and calls them. They slow down for a second and speed up.

We call the emergency number, 10111; no answer.

An hour and a half later the police pitch up after my client phones a friend in the police and asks her to send someone. When we say that there was no answer, they say: "oh, they must be busy, we just had a truck hijack close by."

How long before there's just no law and order in this country? How long before we end up like the rest of Africa? Can they not learn from the other countries? They give Robert Mugabe standing ovations at the African Union parties when they should be charging him with mass murder.

The cannibal generals of Liberia

I started thinking about a documentary I saw the other day. Sickening. It's about Liberia. I knew a little bit about that shithole, but the documentary put things in perspective.

Liberia was the only American "colony" in Africa. They sent freed slaves over there to take them back to where they so longed to be. Back to their roots.

And what did they do? They copied their white American masters and started their own slave plantations where they oppressed the locals. Revolution followed, no surprise there.

Charles Taylor, who's been in the international court for years was one of the rebel war lords and I won't even go into the sort of crap that they got up to in their little paradise. Just watch the following documentary. You'll want to throw up.

But we have to hear every day how we oppressed them. How colonialism and Apartheid destroyed them. But look at Liberia. One of the only countries in Africa that wasn't under white rule. It's hell there. Hell on earth. Honestly, this video is a wake up call to all white people around the world. This is what will happen if you keep letting savages into your country. They'll breed you out. And they'll eat up your civilization like they ate small children in Liberia.

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