Monday, 7 January 2013

The other side of the coin

I found a link to this video on the BNP's website. It says it all, really. The entitlement of the "oppressed".

YouTube keeps taking the video down. WHY? Do white people still have freedom of speech? Or is this right reserved for the "previously disadvantaged"?

I decided to post the video on my blog and the comments left by whoever posted it.

This video is an historical SATIRE. Did you like it?

Anti-Whites want this video banned. Comments I deem likely to increase the BANNING prospects of this video will not be approved, although it will probably be banned or limited at some point anyway. Watch out for that. It's how anti-Whites operate and proof to YOU that political free speech is a sham today.

Why is this video banned in Germany for example?

Why did the original (full length version with brass band music) go over 100K views in just a few weeks and then get banned?

Why are anti-White organisations SO phobic to scrutiny? How weak are their arguments?

Download it and share it with your friends and family. Just search "downloading youtube videos" or just install the Unplug Firefox extension.

The System is anti-White. yet it's fragile and so it bullies, but you already know this.

If you don't, test it in real life.

Just try saying "I love my racial group and I'm White" in public to get a FAST reality check ;-) Any other group may do that. What court of public opinion denies the case for the defense, and only to ONE group in an age of "equality"? Only a corrupt one.

ONLY White identity is SYSTEMATICALLY DEMONIZED. We know this now.

Sociologists say ONLY White people are RACIST, defining racism as requiring "prejudice" plus "power". You've guessed it, this scam is ONLY applied in White founded countries against White people like YOU, where "power" should belong to White people. Nobody plays this crap out in Nigeria where we ALL expect Africans to rightly be in charge of THEIR country.

But here's the trick. We must "End Racism" - a euphemism for ENDING White people.

Think about it. Ultimately, NOT ONE White community on the planet has any right to remain according to "anti-racist" doctrine. This is GENOCIDE. White Genocide by the UN Declaration's own criteria.

Not so for other races of course...
Asia will still be Asian
Africa will still be African
ONLY White countries are forced to be blended out of existence or be branded RACIST!

Racism is the demonization of White identity
Anti-racist is a CODE WORD for anti-White
The System is anti-White

Become a dissident. If you are libertarian, if you have any intellectual honour, play your small part...

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