Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The aim of this blog

I've been getting a lot of comments on this blog that I'd like to delete. They make my blood boil and in the beginning I used to reply to them.

But I decided to leave them on here so the world can see what sort of irrational idiots we have to deal with when we tell the world that our women, children, parents and grandparents are being murdered for being white.

I try to only publish verified stats and stories. I'm not claiming that every statistic on this blog is the truth because, like most people, I can't go around the country and count everybody. We have to trust official numbers.

I knew of a lot of people who have been murdered. I have a friend who works at the state morgue in our town. I know an undertaker. I read the papers every day. I visit farmitracker, which is an up to date database of black on white crime in SA. http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/

This is not a lie. It's not propaganda. Our people are being murdered because the ANC is spreading lies and anti-white hate speech.

If you don't believe what I write, I don't care. I'm not trying to convince a few rich black kids or their liberal gansta-wannabe wigga friends. I'm getting the message out to white people in the West who are intelligent and inquisitive enough not to believe the Rainbow Nation bullshit that the main stream media feeds them. There's a lot of people in the West that don't believe that Nelson Mandela is some kind of saint even when dim-witted pop stars fall over their feet to kiss the terrorist's arse in order to sell more albums.

There are a lot of people in the West that are concerned about the future of our race. Most people who visit my blog fall under this category.

Believe it or not, I also get visitors who land on my site after Googling "white female raped by black man pictures" and sick stuff like that. I can see these stats in the Blogger dashboard. The world is sick.

Blogger will probably delete my blog at some point, but I'm backing it up and I will not let the politically correct establishment silence me.

To all those idiots that comment on this blog and accuse me of lying. Just READ the post. Click on the links to the sources. Or just navigate somewhere else. I'll say it again: I don't care what you think. Why would a shitload of unrelated people all over the world feel the need to research black on white murders and go through the hassle of publishing it on the web? Is it some kind of Apartheid conspiracy? Do you ever stop to think that some of us or our family members may have been victims of these pointless politically motivated hate crimes? How would you feel if somebody smashed your grandma's head in for a cell phone? Or murdered your 5-month old baby for a golden chain?

There's nothing I hate more than someone who makes a statement without backing it up. And with the lack of written history, Africans usually do that. Apartheid was evil. The white man stole our land. The white man oppressed the black man. Do you just believe what the ANC tells you? JUST DO SOME RESEARCH.

And if you'd like to reinforce my opinions by leaving stupid comments on my blog, go right ahead.

stupid comments about white genocide

More than half of the pageviews on this blog are from countries other than South Africa. Get used to it, the message is getting out.

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