Friday, 18 January 2013

The legacy of Apartheid...

In South Africa, DENIAL is a river in Egypt. Or dat land wit da sand; if you consider the state of our education system.

A quick Google search for aids statistics serves up a very interesting Wikipedia article, which made me laugh from the word go. Have a look at the opening statement. It's the evil white man's fault, of course.

the legacy of apartheid seems to include the cat's babies as well

So, the fact that more than 5 000 000 blacks in South Africa are living with HIV is our fault as well. Go figure. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that they copulate with anything with a heartbeat.

In fact, our own president, the esteemed Mr Zuma, probably would've been one of the 5 000 000 South Africans living with HIV had he not had the foresight to take a shower after having sex with an HIV positive female who claimed that he raped her.

After I discovered that my forefathers are to blame for the indiscriminate fornication of the oppressed masses in South Africa, I decided to do a bit of research and, as always, was completely surprised by our government's lies.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 5.7 million people were living with HIV in South Africa by 2007. They also estimated that 350 000 people died of AIDS in 2007.

But the ANC government has a completely different view of deaths caused by AIDS. Do yourself a favour and have a look at the official StatsSA statistics for causes of deaths in 2008. Now search the document for the word AIDS. Yes. The word "AIDS" occurs ONCE in the document.

Back to the WHO report about South Africa. The document states: "Following UNAIDS and WHO recommendations, AIDS case reporting is conducted in most countries and HIV case reporting is conducted in some countries."

But not in South Africa, the country with the highest number of people living with HIV in the world. No, we have no reported Aids cases. Our people die of TB and pneumonia. 

anc denial of hiv aids

Metropolitan, an insurance company in South Africa, released a report in 2005 with projections of HIV / AIDS infections and deaths. They used 4 different scenarios. The 4 seasons.

The worst case scenario - or the "winter of discontent", according to the document, estimated that by 2025, 5,402,205 South Africans would be living with HIV. That already happened in 2007. They also estimated that 445,155 deaths would be caused by AIDS in 2025. According to the WHO, there were 270 000 AIDS related deaths last year.

Almost one third of all antenatal clinic attendees in 2010 were HIV positive.

the legacy of apartheid - we're to blame for aids

THAT'S 739 people per day. I don't know about you, but accusing whites of being responsible for 739 deaths per day in South Africa is a serious allegation.

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