Sunday, 30 September 2012

SA Service Delivery Exceptional - Zuma

Dear Mr Zuma,

I see that you're planning to redo your house to the tune of R203 000 000. Have you been to a rubbish dump in South Africa lately? Because that is where a lot of the people you care so much about eat and sleep.

When you drive into any dump in Gauteng, your voters run behind the vehicle and they fight over bits of metal and copper to take to the scrap yard to feed their families.

Service delivery in SA is exceptional - Zuma
Mr Zuma, the country is crumbling. Your comrades are getting rich at the expense of the poor. And you keep blaming Apartheid. These people WILL get sick and tired of you. They WILL revolt.

Please have a look at this video. And then re-think the R203 million make-over. Your organization is squeezing the life out of the people you pretend to struggle for.



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