Monday, 3 March 2014

The New Colonial Masters

According to our esteemed president, his hollowness, Jacob Zuma, China treats SA as an equal and not a subject as former Colonial Powers.

"The countries that have been dealing with us before, particularly old economies, they've dealt with us as former subjects, as former colonial subjects," he said.

The Chinese don't deal with us from that point of view. They deal with us as people that you must do business (with), at an equal level so to speak," Zuma told CNBC Africa in an interview broadcast on Thursday.

China is South Africa's largest trading partner, with trade worth $21.7bn between the two in 2012, according to official figures."

I understand that, Zuma, I've also had that feeling of inferiority when speaking to proper public school Englishmen. They tend to make you feel inferior. But in the end, the inferiority comes from inside...

When the old Colonial Powers do business with South Africa, they want all kinds of annoying things, like transparency and health & safety etc. The Chinese don't give a shit how you spend your money, they won't criticize you about your racist domestic policies, your corruption, your inability to provide services to your citizens. And they won't tell you that you can't take half the money for yourself first.

Western companies and countries are probably also reluctant to do business with South Africa because of BEE. After all, they're not black, which means that they have to give a certain part of their business or whatever to blacks who add no value to the deal. Or they have to source a certain percentage of their products and services from local black dealers or service providers.

But China? Oh, no... The Chinese are BLACK, my friends. In a landmark ruling in 2007, the Pretoria High Court gave the Chinese the privilege of being officially 'previously disadvantaged'.

So, of course all this BEE nonsense is not going to scare the Chinese away. And they bring their own labour, so they don't have to deal with inefficient black dealers or service providers.

Zuma, you are obviously too stupid to see what is happening...

The Chinese Republic of Zimbabwe:

In the last decade, China has slowly taken over Zimbabwe. They've been bankrolling the ZanuPF murderers and helped get old Mad Bob Mugabe back into power. They've also set up a military base in Zimbabwe.

"China is the only country exempted from the indigenisation laws which force all foreign investors to cede 51% of their shareholding to carefully selected indigenous Zimbabweans..."

Funny that, huh?

In 2012, the Chinese owned Zimbabwean mine - Anjim Investments - sacked 1500 diamond miners when they went on strike for better pay. At the time, they were earning $235 per month. Compare that to South African miners' pay.

"The intolerance shown by the Anjin management in handling the workers genuine grievances is unacceptable in modern society. There are credible indications of gross human rights abuses against workers by Anjin management. Workers have been beaten with clenched fists, kicked around and called racist names by their Chinese employers. There are also reports of sodomy against the locals by the Chinese. These ought to be investigated and if found to be true, perpetrators must be brought to book.”

"Other disgraceful acts by the company include, the digging up graveyards to make way for the mine, and just throwing aside human remains – rather than transferring their bodies to a new cemetery."

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So, my dear African friends, it seems like your new masters have arrived. And they ain't gonna be as nice as the white boss and madam.

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