Saturday, 14 December 2013

Events do not unfold in isolation

I haven't switched the TV or radio on since Nelson Mandela died. I had the radio on for 5 minutes on the 6th, but it was nauseating.


The majority of people are sheep. They believe anything you say to them. What is the first thing you think of when I say GANDHI?

Peaceful protest? Wise old man?

Would you believe that he said the following?

"Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized—the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals." On the subject of immigration in 1903, Gandhi commented in 1903: "We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do... We believe also that the white race in South Africa should be the predominating race."Gandhi protested repeatedly about the social classification of blacks with Indians in South Africa and described Indians as "undoubtedly infinitely superior to the Kaffirs". Remarks such as these have led some to accuse Gandhi of racism.

Google search for Gandhi quote

Nelson Mandela

So what if I say Mandela? What do you think of? Is it based on fact? Did you read up about him? Or are you just swept along by the tidal wave created by the Main Stream Media? Do you know that his middle name, Rolihlahla, means 'troublemaker' in Xhosa?

Why was he a Saint?

Because he forgave whites for what they did to him? Yep, that's one relatively good reason. But what did they do to him? Well, they put him in jail for 27 years, you say... Fair enough. But why?

Because he was found guilty of HIGH TREASON, which at the time was punishable by death.

He co-founded the military wing of the ANC, Umkhonto We Sizwe.

On the 'Day of the vow', 16 December 1961, the year in which South Africa became a republic, MK detonated 57 bombs around the country on one day. More followed on New Year's Eve the same year.

So, what would they do to me if I organized a country-wide detonation of 57 bombs in a day? Nobody gets killed, but what would they do to me? 

Probably put me in jail, huh?

And in South Africa, I'd most probably die in police detention. Just like the 932 people who died in police detention in 2011-2012 in South Africa.

Steve Biko died in police detention. Why do you know his name? Why don't you know the names of the 932 people who died in police custody from 2011-2012? Would you know my name? Probably if I detonated 57 bombs around the country in a single day.

But it's justified to use violence as a political means if the government is evil, you say. OK... If the government is evil. Who decides if the government is evil? The USA? You? The Main Stream Media?


Although I don't agree with these guys at all, I think this case should've received a lot more attention worldwide.

They never even killed anybody, to my knowledge, they only planned to detonate bombs.

And to them, the current government is evil. So would it be justified if they detonated bombs?

The Boeremag finally received their sentences after 10 years in detention. Most of them got sentences of more than 20 years, so they'll probably die in jail. If they haven't already got HIV from prison.

What makes matters worse is that it looks like it was a conspiracy.

Sworn Affidavit from Deon Loots (Not part of the Boeremag, but the ones who instigated them)

The Cold War and Africa

You may have heard of a little thing called the Cold War (which I later found out was coined by George Orwell). This 'cold war' lasted from 1947 to 1991. Incidentally, Apartheid started in 1948 and ended in 1992.

Now if you know anything about the rest of Africa after independence, you'll know that Africa was an important 'chess game' between the West and East in the Cold War. To the West and East, the chess game was about money and resources, but the newly formed governments in Africa thought they were at the center of things. So they'd play the West off against the East and vice versa.

South Africa fought a war against Angola, with the help of the CIA, to keep the communists out of Southern Africa. Why? Because we have gold, diamonds, platinum and uranium and a whole shit heap of other stuff the Commies wanted to get their hands on.

And how were they planning on doing this? By funding the ANC... Of course, the ANC thought they were at the center of this. They thought Mother Russia was very concerned about the well being of the poor blacks in South Africa. But they couldn't give a shit about the poor blacks.

At some point, the MK soldiers mutinied when they started figuring out that Russia was just using them. Enter Camp Quatro...

The fact of the matter is that the ANC were Moscow's puppets. When Nelson Mandela™ was released from prison, he was still under the impression that whole-scale Nationalization was the solution for South Africa.

"But “the great u-turn,” in Mandela’s attitudes with regards to nationalisation came after a series of visits to the World Economic Forum in Davos said Sparks.

When Mandela attended the forum in 1992, what “everybody told him was that if that (nationalisation) happened SA would get no investment", from foreigners.

Mandela had, reportedly, been reproached for his views on the topic by leaders of former communist countries whose nationalisation policies had failed miserably, according to Sparks."

What Mandela Thought About Nationalisation

Veiled Support for the National Party

So, to the world, the USA and the West condemned Apartheid and put some superficial boycotts and arms embargoes in place. But under the table, they supported the National Party, because they kept the Commies from taking over Southern Africa.

But when this happened:

Gone were the Commies. And the Commie threat.

Now to be honest, an Afrikaner is a tough fucker to negotiate with. I'm one, I know. We're hard-headed. (hardegat). So, even though the West appreciated the fact that we kept the Commies at bay, when the Commie threat disappeared, they figured that it would be easier to deal with a bunch of blacks who knew very little about running a country than with a bunch of staunch, Calvinistic Afrikaners.

So they got rid of the National Party and installed puppet no 1, Nelson Mandela™.

And they're having a lovely time. Look at the arms deal. Look at e-tolls. Where's all the money going? It's a lot easier to negotiate with the ANC - all you have to do is offer them a brand new Range Rover and they sign the country away.

The fact of the matter is: Nobody in power gives a shit for 'human rights'. They only make you think that they do. They couldn't care less about Apartheid. As long as they had their hands in the till.

The Irony

Somebody who just disappeared from the internet called Mike Smith wrote a bunch of posts called Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box. Luckily I compiled the posts into a pdf before he took his blog down.

In Part 18 of the eBook,  Hypocrisy at the United Nations, the following is stated:

"Communist China with a record of killing 25 million of its own citizens and till this day guilty of gross human rights abuses with a string of gulag death camps, forced abortions and killing 3000 pro democracy demonstrators at Tienanmen Square, is one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council. In 1972 they joined the pharisaical choir to get South Africa expelled from the UN.

In 1974 came the call to have SA expelled from the UN. They voted 93 to 23 (14 abstaining) that SA was not fit for membership. 

“Voor in die koor” (in the front of the choir) was the Ugandan Foreign minister Elizabeth Bagaya, representing a country run by a cannibalistic dictator Idi Amin who became synonomous with oppression of blacks (the Lango and Acholi people) and the indiscriminate execution of dissidents. Between 100,000 and 500,000 people were brutally murdered in Uganda at the time. She hardly batted an eyelid in listing the alleged “Crimes” of South Africa."

If you'd like to know the true story behind the fall of Apartheid, read this book; it'll open your eyes. The book can be viewed and shared for free.

Pandora's Apartheid Box - By Mike Smith



  2. Ghandi neglected his wife and children.
    He was not Christian as he tried to act.
    I like his non-violence approach. MLK imitated this action of non-actions to peaceful demonstration.
    I bought your book, but you are so mistaken about Gates and his wife.
    They lit a torch with Common Core and the parents are having all the trouble to turn it around.
    Gates only wants to hire non American trained IT workers, causing havoc in universities.

    Instead see what your opinion is of Howard Buffet, who teaches close accounting and finance ag practices to Africans.

    He will inherit Warren Buffet seat on board of Berkshire Hathaway and does not agree with Gates as Gates believes in throwing money at Aftricans without teaching them agricultural practices and strict accounting.