Sunday, 2 December 2012

Farm murders getting more sadistic

"The public must know how cruelly these people are being murdered. We were at scenes where people's skins were peeled off their bodies; where children are drowned in boiling water. It's horrific." - Crime Scene Cleanup

Maria Barnard (94) tortured with frying pan, son murdered

94 Year old Maria Barnard was burnt with a frying pan during the farm attack during which her son, Hekkie Barnard (74), was shot dead and his nephew (16) stabbed in the head.

The farm attack took place early on 29 November 2012 on a farm close to Brits.

Afriforum marches against farm murders

Johannesburg - AfriForum, local celebrities and the families of victims of farm murders marched to the office of Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa on Saturday, the civil rights group said.

Marchers read out a memorandum which demanded the prioritisation of farm murders as part of a campaign by AfriForum and Solidarity against farm attacks and to promote rural safety. 

The families displayed photos of their murdered relatives and were joined by other farm attack survivors.

What bothered me about the article above, was the comments by some (mostly black) readers. I decided to publish them here in order to show the world what kind of response we get when we try to tell the government to stop condoning the torturing, raping, maiming and killing of the very people who feed the population.

justifying farm murders

bhingisankore tafari promotes farm murders

Racist anti white hate speech

kgomotso mukwevho farmers kill their workers

khethu ndlovu condones farm murders

mondli botha says farmers deserve being killed

semonatenate believes every white farmer is a murderer

semonatenate says white people should wear condoms to save the humans from barbarians

Trying to talk sense into people's heads who have a sense of entitlement and a "victim mentality" is pretty much impossible. This is what we have to deal with.

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