Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Western Cape is burning...

And on and on it goes. The spiral towards Zimbabwe...

And “acting” minister of labour, Angie Motshekga (the same minister who couldn’t organize the delivery of text books to pupils in Limpopo) has said that workers will suspend their strike for 2 weeks. SOUNDS A TAD ORGANIZED FOR A BUNCH OF LOOTERS, DOESN’T IT?

The farm workers want an increase of around R75 a day.

Seeing as they’ve pretty much destroyed the farms that they worked on, I doubt that they will have jobs when all this had blown over, but I thought of a solution to the problem this morning.

Don’t quote me on this, but a quick Google search revealed that there are about 223 175 agricultural workers in the Western Cape.

According to Paul Hoffman, the director of the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa, South Africa has lost an estimated R675 billion to corruption since 1994.

If 223 175 workers were given R75 per day extra by government, this would come to R16 738 125 per day. Or R17 407 650 000 per year.

The ANC steals R37 500 000 000 per year from tax payers, so they could just give half of it to farm workers...

Sisulu: Take your flea-infested body and sit down

Unfortunately this won’t happen. Because the ANC is entitled to steal from tax payers. Especially if your parents were “ANC stalwarts” or “Struggle Heroes”, like our dear Lindiwe Sisulu, who’s only achievement has been to be born to Walter and Albertina Sisulu.

Lindiwe Sisulu (allegedly-uhm) stole R40.6million to pay for flights

As minister of defence and military veterans, she managed to waste a whopping R40 600 000 on private jet flights between Cape Town and Pretoria. A total of 203 flights at R200 000 a pop. 69 of the flights were “empty flights”, where the plane just went to fetch her.

When DA Shadow Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, David Maynier, queried this looting of public funds in parliament on Tuesday, 13 November, she said: “Take your flea-infested body and sit down.”
This is what happens when anybody questions the ANC about their thievery.

100 YEARS OF SELFLESS STRUGGLE – I beg to differ.

"The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on" - Robert Bloch

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